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From 2013-2016 we ran Project Xenona, we were able to create four self-contained rooms (en-suite) that have allowed us to house those in need, all  in a previously unused and neglected space. We would like to thank everyone who donated and helped towards the completion of this project.

Over the course of 18 months, our Ladies' Committee 'Ai Myroforai' fundraised to acquire this icon, a copy of the 'Sotiros' from the village of Akanthou, Cyprus. On 8th September 2016 we were joined by his Eminence Archbishop Gregorios of Great Britain and Thyateira, who sanctified our new icon. 

Project Icon

Find some examples of ongoing and recent projects: 

Project Xenona

Project Kiot

Project Kiot is a commissioned work that has been taken on by the painter and carver Aiden Hart. It will be used to display the Sotiros icon and was recently completed in July 2017.  

Project Children's Area

In April 2016, with a single kind donation we were able to refurbish the children's' play area. We repaired the stained glass windows and door as well as purchasing childrens furniture. It's a very popular area with our younger congregation! 

Project Tea Room

In 2008 we were able to refurbish the old school room into a tea room. It is here that the congregation enjoy free tea and coffee served by the Ladies' Committee every Sunday after the Liturgy. 

Xenona Refurbishment

With the kind donations of the congregation we were able to refurbish the existing Xenona (Guest House) from 2008-2009. The refurbishment has helped create a more comfortable living environment for our guests, many of whom are awaiting hospital treatment. 

Redecoration of Courtyard

After several weeks of extensive work the refurbishment of the courtyard and Cathedral entrances were completed in 2009. This necessary work was made possible with kind donations. 


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